Founded in August 2011, Good Neighbor Ventures, Inc., a 501C3 nonprofit organization, is designed to act as a “catalyst” to facilitate and support coordinated efforts within neighborhoods that desire to increase their level of social and economic empowerment. Good Neighbor Ventures was derived from a five year effort to build a sustainable system that produces social and economic development at the neighborhood level. Below is a historical view of how this organization came into existence.

In 2007, a group of business and nonprofit leaders came together to form an organization, Youth Empowerment Services (YES) Network, that would provide administrative services for nonprofits who wanted to work together to serve youth ages 5-17 through multiple programs.

In 2008, YES Network delivered administrative services (coordination, collaboration, capacity-building and mobilization) to five nonprofit organizations who delivered program services to over 500 youth and families.

In 2009, YES Network retained its efforts of delivering administrative services, but turned its focus toward delivering these services to entire neighborhoods. Its first neighborhood effort was with Miracle Manor Neighborhood. Administrative service delivery included mobilizing direct service providers (nonprofit organizations) to the neighborhood to provide mentoring, job readiness training and creative expression training services.

In 2010, this same group of business and nonprofit leaders formed Connecting Communities Foundation (CCF’s), a local community foundation focused on raising money to provide service grants to neighborhoods. In 2010 CCF provided a $50,000 service grant to Myers Neighborhood. This grant included mobilizing administrative and direct service programs to the neighborhood in the form of Coordination, Collaboration, and Mobilization services.

In 2011, Connecting Communities Foundation (CCF) provided service grants to Myers Neighborhood, Amphi Neighborhood, and Jefferson Park Neighborhood.

In 2011, Good Neighbor Ventures was created to support the social and economic empowerment process by bringing together people, assets, organizations, and systems in order to facilitate collaborative interaction (directly within neighborhoods) between neighborhood residents, schools, businesses, churches, nonprofits, funders, and investors.

In 2012, Connecting Communities Foundation, Youth Empowerment Services, and Good Neighbor Ventures merged into one organization.