Good Neighbor Ventures takes a unique stance in building collaborative networks. Its focus is on mobilizing resources at the community level. Good Neighbor Ventures goes beyond partnering with businesses, funders and investors. Its success lies in the additional involvement of neighborhood residents, schools, churches, and non-profits.

This additional level of involvement allows Good Neighbor Ventures to focus on community “capacity-building”. This means a strong focus around three areas:

  1. Investing in systems, organizations, assets, and people
  2. Facilitating moral development, socialization, cultural competency, and economic development
  3. Creating opportunities for job readiness, workforce development and micro-businesses

The products, services, and programs that are used to build strong collaborations are operated by GNV’s Program Divisions (click to visit their respective websites):

Social Development Division           Economic Development Division


In order to make capacity building a reality, Good Neighbor Ventures recognizes the critical nature of four key areas:

Funding: securing financial resources to support sustainability efforts

Infrastructure: collaboration and partnership with all levels of the community (residents, schools, businesses, churches, non-profits, funders and investors).

Evaluation: Evaluating need indicators and the level of impact for each neighborhood

Resources: Making relevant resources available to address the identified needs of each neighborhood, school, business, church, and nonprofit.